How do you answer what is your inspiration?

How to answer “Who inspires you?”

  1. Keep your answer short. …
  2. Choose one person who you respect. …
  3. Explain how that person has values and behaviors that you want to have. …
  4. Connect those values and behaviors to how they affect you as a professional. …
  5. Family example. …
  6. Mentor example. …
  7. Historical figure example. …
  8. Book character example.

Then, Why is my mother my inspiration?

My mother has taught me that hard times can be overcome and that losing battles can be won. She has taught me more than I could have learnt from any book. She sets an inspirational example to me teaching me how to live life and make wise choices, even in the most uncertain situations. I respect her a lot.

But also, What is your biggest inspiration answer?

7 sample answers to “Who inspires you” interview question

  • My mother is my greatest inspiration. …
  • I am inspired by people who enjoy leaving their comfort zone, and do not mind venturing into the unknown. …
  • Mother Theresa is my great role model.

Who is your ideal person and why? My ideal person is my father because he is everything for me his nature ,his dedication , he always stands for me wherever the situation is. And he inspires me in each and every moment. My class teacher is my ideal because when i was a student of standard 8th , i was very poor in all the subjects.

Similarly, Who in your family inspires you the most and why?

My mother and father both are my inspirations. They are my pillars of strength. They are my guide and give me the courage to battle obstacles in life.My mother always smiles, no matter what the circumstances are and that gives me the strength and inspiration to face all problems.


Who is role model in your life?

Answer: A role model can be anyone, your parents, teachers, or anyone who helps you and inspires you to become like them. Someone who influences us for good can be chosen as a role model.

Why your family is your inspiration?

My family is very inspiring because they show me all aspects on how I should live my life through their experiences like education, parenting, and work ethic. My family’s past experiences also teach me how to live my life the best way possible.

Why is your mom your role model?

My mother is my role model because she does so much for me; she gives me everything she has just to make my life easier. I love my mother and I am so thankful that she is the way she is. My mother is always there for me and I would do anything for her.

Who or what is your source of inspiration?

Explanation: Whether you are inspired by another individual or something within your own person; inspiration is the motivator within life. Inspiration is the catalyst for prodding you forward.

Who is your role model best answer?

“A role model to me is somebody who I look up to, who has done something out of the ordinary and who has achieved great things.” Scenario 1: If you’re interviewing for an entry-level position, a great role model to mention is somebody who has been in your place and worked their way up to gain a senior-level role.

What are your 3 biggest ideals in life?

[…] That is the source of the three Ideals that I regard as the highest and most general not only in the human world but in all of nature. Those Ideals are: Happiness, Perfection, Utility. … Happiness in living beings results from changes supportive of life, health and development.

Who is an ideal individual?

The ideal person or thing for a particular task or purpose is the best possible person or thing for it.

What are the qualities of ideal person?

Qualities of an ideal person

  • Frankness: Generally, we come across in our life some persons who are being frankness in their attitude. …
  • Sincerity: I find this quality of nature is mainly in teachers because they are constructors of pillars of the country. …
  • Honesty: …
  • Brave: …
  • Punctuality: …
  • Selfless: …
  • Kindness: …
  • Leadership:

Who inspires you in your family?

My family is very inspiring because they show me all aspects on how I should live my life through their experiences like education, parenting, and work ethic. My family’s past experiences also teach me how to live my life the best way possible.

How do you write about a person who inspires you?

How do you write an essay about someone who influenced you?

  1. Do Much More than Describe the Influential Person.
  2. Think Twice About Essays on Mom or Dad.
  3. Don’t Be Star Struck.
  4. Obscure Subject Matter is Fine.
  5. The “Significant Influence” Need Not Be Positive.
  6. You Are Also Writing About Yourself.

Who would you say inspires you?

8 Types of People You Can Say Inspired You

  • Artists.
  • Athletes.
  • Authors.
  • Historical figures.
  • Mentors/coaches.
  • Noteworthy people in your community.
  • Parents, family, and friends.
  • Teachers.

What is the best answer for who is your role model?

If you’re worried about getting too personal, say one they might not know and have another more well-known figure to back it up with. For example: “My grandfather is my greatest role model because he had exceptional determination and ambition in his own career, but also took time to help those less fortunate.

Who is the most important role model in your life?

A role model is a person who serves as an example by influencing others. For many children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers. Children look up to a variety of role models to help shape how they behave in school, relationships, or when making difficult decisions.

Who is the best role model for the youth of today?

Our parents. The youth of today look to the parents to be strong role models in their lives. This “role model” is the mother who constantly encourages you to attend school because she loves you enough to motivate you to strive in the pursuit of excellence.

Why is inspiration important in life?

Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration may sometimes be overlooked because of its elusive nature.

Can family be an inspiration?

Family has the ability to inspire you to be the greatest version of yourself. Inspiration can come in many different forms including challenging a person to chase their dreams or motivating them to do so by pursuing your own. Sometimes you don’t even realize how or why a person inspires you.

How my mother influenced my life?

My mom is someone that has affected me in so many helpful ways because of how she taught me to be kind to everyone, respect everything and all the advice she gave and still gives me. My mom has influenced me in such an enormous way because of how kind she is to others.

How is your mother different from your father?

Mothers offer security and are more nurturing. Fathers Offer more hands-on play and teach their kids to be more independent. Mothers are more repetitive to their kids to teach them new things. Dads show their kids things so that they learn.

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