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The most advanced, elegant and user-friendly quotation platform on the market. Quotes Includes a beautiful collection of photos and quotations in pictures to inspire & motivate you on a daily basis ✽

Quotes offers a collection of more than 3600 carefully selected citations from more than 260 authors. It contains the words of philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other great minds whose brilliant words have inspired many human beings.

Quotes offers you hundreds of carefully selected and designed quotes in images, ready to be shared on any social media.

How to find a Quote topic?

Explore quotes from your favourite movies, TV shows, celebrities and books, sharing your collection on social networks.

We have divided the quotes into different categories to help you find the quotes that match your mood.

I used to write quotes from movies, TV series, cartoons, books that I find interesting. That’s how I came up with this idea.

All of the above and a visually pleasing experience with a clean and easy-to-use user interface.

You will find here:
❤ Hundreds of carefully selected and designed image quotations, ready to be shared on any social media.
❤ Motivating and inspiring quotes
❤ Best quotes on life
❤ Love quotes for him and her
❤ Quotes on friendship and family
❤ Biblical and spiritual quotations
❤ Funny quotes to cheer you up
❤ Famous quotes from great thinkers
❤ Short quotes to live with
❤ Death quotes to comfort you
❤ Thank you quotes to express our appreciation and gratitude
❤ Sad and moving quotes that will make you cry
❤ Dream quotes to inspire and motivate you
❤ Quotes from peace to find the pursuit of happiness
❤ Brain Quotes

Features :
★ Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
★ Stay motivated throughout the day with quotes morning and evening!
★ Explore popular quotes from the Brilliant Quotes community.
★ Large choice of authors and categories.
★ Save your favorite quotes and add your own quotes.
★ Learn more about the world’s great thinkers.
★ Share your quotes transparently on social media!
★ Add an application widget to your home screen and select the quotes you want to see.
★ Use the simple search function to find a quote or author you are looking for.

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