How do you show a man you appreciate him?

Here are our top 10 tips on ways to make your bae feel as valued as he makes you feel.

  1. Always Start With Food. …
  2. Take Him Out To Events He’ll Love. …
  3. Look Him In The Eye. …
  4. Give Back When He Does Kind Things. …
  5. Give Him Space. …
  6. Surprise Him With Thank You Notes. …
  7. Praise Him In Front Of Your Friends.

Then, How do you appreciate someone?

Personal thank you

  1. I appreciate you!
  2. You are the best.
  3. I appreciate your help so much.
  4. I’m grateful to you.
  5. I wanted to thank you for your help.
  6. I value the help you’ve given me.
  7. I am so thankful for you in my life.
  8. Thanks for the support.

But also, What is the best compliment for a guy?

20 Compliments Men Can’t Resist

  • “You Have Such A Good Heart”
  • “I Loved How You Took The Lead on This”
  • “You’re Sexy”
  • “You Handled That Really Well”
  • “Your Smile Makes Me Melt”
  • “I Feel So Safe With You”
  • Laugh at His Jokes.
  • “You’re Totally My Hero”

How do you compliment a guy? 115 Compliments for Men

  1. You are so handsome. …
  2. You have a great sense of style. …
  3. I love to watch you move. …
  4. Just looking at you makes me smile. …
  5. When I look into your eyes, I see intelligence, humor, and kindness. …
  6. You smell fantastic. …
  7. Your smile is my favorite thing. …
  8. Don’t rush to shave on my account.

Similarly, How do you appreciate your husband?

10 Unique ways to appreciate your spouse

  1. Thank your partner every day for something. …
  2. Never belittle or put your spouse down especially in front of others.
  3. Pay attention and listen to your spouse when having a conversation.
  4. Compliment each other on your appearance.
  5. Do a weekly gratitude journal together.


How do you appreciate someone you love?

Here are some simple but effective ways to say you appreciate someone!

  1. Do something for them for no reason at all. …
  2. Cook a favorite meal that will make them happy. …
  3. Send them a text to show them your love and appreciation. …
  4. Give them the day off from responsibilities. …
  5. Pamper them and set the tone for a day of love. …
  6. Thank them.

How do you appreciate someone special?

For all you do, for who you are, I will be forever grateful you are in my life.” “Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help.” “Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.” “Your help has been invaluable to me, and I don’t know how I would have managed without your help and support.

What’s a good compliment?

Complimenting Accomplishments

I am so proud of you, and I hope you are too! You are making a difference. You deserve a hug right now. You’re a great example to others.

How do you compliment a guy on his strength?

3. Physical appearance

  1. Wow, you look amazing in that suit!
  2. I’m loving your sexy bed hair. …
  3. Your smile could disarm anyone.
  4. You’ve been working hard on your biceps and it really shows!
  5. When you hold me, I can feel all your tight muscles.
  6. Did you just jump off an outdoor catalog?

How do you compliment a guy over text?

Get specific with your texts and tell him exactly what you like. For example, “I love the color of your eyes” is better than “You are cute.” Something like “I just adore your smile” or “I love that you are so tall!” may also keep him thinking about you longer than a more generic compliment.

How can I make him feel like my hero?

Here’s how:

  1. Let him help you. …
  2. Don’t humiliate him when he doesn’t live up to your expectations. …
  3. Don’t overdo the nagging. …
  4. Be affectionate and vulnerable. …
  5. Tell him what makes you happy. …
  6. If he calls you a needy woman, know it’s because he may not be man enough to care for you properly. …
  7. Set boundaries and be yourself.

How can I show my husband how much I appreciate him?

10 Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation

  1. Do something you normally hate doing. …
  2. Make his favorite foods. …
  3. Give up your shows for the night. …
  4. Take him out on a nice date. …
  5. Put on something sexy. …
  6. Buy him something he previously mentioned wanting. …
  7. Surprise him at work (if you can). …
  8. Plan a fun weekend together.

How do you show appreciation in words?

With an intonation that’s thoughtful and deliberate, you can say:

  1. I cannot thank you enough.
  2. Words cannot express how much you mean to me.
  3. I am more grateful to you than you’ll ever know.
  4. I’m eternally grateful.
  5. You have my deepest thanks.
  6. I’ll never forget your support and kindness.

How do you value your partner?

Let’s get right into it.

  1. You Are Appreciated for Your Role in Their Life. …
  2. You Don’t Have to Justify Their Actions. …
  3. They Don’t Make You Feel Guilty for Having Other Priorities. …
  4. They Listen to You Carefully and Respond with Compassion. …
  5. They Ask You for Advice and Take it Seriously. …
  6. They Respect Your Boundaries.

What makes a man appreciate a woman?

Men are natural providers; they always want to give, they want to take care of their woman’s needs and they want to make her happy. But they also appreciate a hardworking woman who likes to fend for herself. What men don’t like is for independent women to boss them around or tell them what to do.

Is appreciation a form of love?

Telling someone you appreciate them means you are praising the person they are, rather than just affirming the place they hold in your heart. Love says: I admire you. Appreciation says: I SEE you. I love to be loved — but I hunger to be appreciated.

How do you appreciate someone in words?

Words of Appreciation for Help & Support

We’re forever grateful. You helped me right when I needed help most. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you. I really appreciate your support in this endeavor.

How do you tell someone you appreciate them over text?

Text Messages of Appreciation to Send to Friends

  1. You’re my best friend. …
  2. You’re the best friend a person could ever have. …
  3. I will always treasure your thoughtfulness and friendship. …
  4. I can never repay the gift of your friendship. …
  5. You have made my life so much more beautiful with your friendship.

How do you say Appreciate you?

You can say “I appreciate you” by saying:

  1. “Thank you”
  2. “I’m grateful for you”
  3. “You’re amazing”
  4. “You’ve really helped me out”
  5. “You mean the world to me”
  6. “I love you”
  7. “You don’t know what this means to me”
  8. “You are so thoughtful”

How do you admire someone in words?

75 Compliments to Use When You Want to Say Something Nice

  1. 1 Your positivity is infectious.
  2. 2 You should be so proud of yourself.
  3. 3 You’re amazing!
  4. 4 You’re a true gift to the people in your life.
  5. 5 You’re an incredible friend.
  6. 6 I really appreciate everything that you do.
  7. 7 You inspire me to be a better person.

How do you appreciate someone’s soul?

100 Compliments to Give a Person’s Soul

  1. You make me genuinely laugh.
  2. I love your enthusiasm.
  3. Your realism is grounding.
  4. I look up to you.
  5. Thank you for staying so focused.
  6. Can you teach me how to be so patient?
  7. You are a wonderful brother/sister/husband/wife/etc.
  8. You are so joyful!

What are nice things to say to someone?

What to Say to Someone

  • You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.
  • You are the most perfect you there is.
  • You are enough.
  • You are one of the strongest people I know.
  • You look great today.
  • You have the best smile.
  • Your outlook on life is amazing.
  • You just light up the room.

What can I say to compliment my boyfriend?

Tell him how lucky you are.

He might think he’s the lucky one, but he’ll really feel like your one and only when you tell him these things.

How do you compliment your partner?

Here are a few classic and authentic compliments to pay your partner, often and always.

  1. I love the way you make me feel. …
  2. You look beautiful. …
  3. You’re so smart. …
  4. I wish I had your [_____]. …
  5. You’re such a good person. …
  6. I love the way your mind works. …
  7. I love your laugh. …
  8. There’s no one else like you.

How do you compliment a guy without flirting?

Give friendly compliments.

  1. Avoid complimenting his physical appearance to avoid awkwardness, confusion, or mixed signals.
  2. Show your appreciation or gratitude. You could say, “Thank you so much for listening to me about that problem at school. …
  3. Build up his strength when he is having difficulty.

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