Short Quotes About life

short quotes about
short quotes about

Short Quotes About Life

Life is a precious gift of nature. Those who want to spend life free of tensions and worries need to be happy. Never try to spoil your life with the limitations of your thinking. Always try to work hard. If you don’t want to do the thing than leave it never runs after it. 

Life comes just once and it gives only one chance to enjoy. Short quotes about life hold big meanings in it. They hold deep beautiful meanings by which everyone can be inspired and motivated.

Try to learn and write these quotes and apply to them. Once you find these quotes just read them and get influenced by them.

“ Only life spending for others and live for themselves is beautiful.”

“ Life without a wife is nothing but a rotten egg.”

“ My life makes me stronger, healthier as well as powerful.”

“ Life gives you a great chance to grow the soul in your own way.”

“ Expect nothing from everything.”

“ Everything owns beauty in it, not everyone knows it.”

“ Don’t obey the rules to miss them. Live a beautiful life.”

“ The universe is full of sad and bad persons. Life is a process.”

“ Love inspired the good and best life.”

“ Live the life of a poor person. You will be wealthy after that.”

“ Nothing in life will work unless you have hands.”

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Read also : Bible Quotes About Strength

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