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Bible Quotes About Strength

Funny inspirational Quotes
Funny inspirational Quotes

The Bible quotes about strength teaches us the great but perfect ways of living a life.

Strength is the capacity of an individual to face the troubles of life. Strength requires in all parts of life. It is the main capability which defines you and your personality.

Most of the people think that strength is something which leads to success and as well as loss of strength can lead to failure. So, in order to achieve success, you need confidence and success. The physical strength dignifies your personality.

In the holy book of the Bible, there are several quotes regarding strength which are the big motivational source for the people around the globe. It is best to read and learn about these quotes because they are really lessons to how to cope with the hardships of the life.

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20+ Encouraging bible quotes about Strength

“Our Lord is our real strength and whenever I make a wish I remember Him.”

“The name of Lord is a strong power, in reality, the righteous run into it.”

“Never grieve on anything always remember Lord is there to give you strength.”

“Trust in the Lord forever who will never leave you alone in a difficult time.”

“My Lord is my hiding place and always give me strength as well as the power to face hardships.”

“The arms of my Lord are always open to accepting my wrong things.”

“Don’t worry or fear of anything, find your strength in Lord.”

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