Why is it word to the wise?

a word to the wise

A phrase that emphasizes a statement as advice. It is a shortening of the phrase “a word to the wise is sufficient,” meaning that a wise or intelligent person can take a hint and does not need a long explanation. … Just a word to the wise.

Then, How do you use the word wise?

Wise sentence example

  1. I made a wise choice. …
  2. Sarah studied the situation with wise eyes. …
  3. I don’t think it’s wise at all. …
  4. I had taken to heart the words of the wise Roman who said, “To be banished from Rome is but to live outside of Rome.” …
  5. He was a brave soldier and a wise teacher.

But also, Where did a word to the wise come from?

What we can say is that the expression is found in the Talmud where the maxim is: A word to the wise is sufficient, but for a fool not even a stick helps. The Talmud was compiled in the 4th century in Galilee, and as old as the Talmud is, the expression is found written in plays from Ancient Rome.

What is the meaning of a word to the wise is sufficient? This page is about the saying “A word to the wise is enough” Possible meaning: A very brief warning or explanation is enough for an intelligent person.

Similarly, Who said a word to the wise is sufficient?

Benjamin Franklin: Talmudist. There’s a saying in Yiddish that is based on a Talmudic aphorism: “A word to the wise is enough.”


What is the prefixes of wise?

Explanation: The word wise does not have a prefix. A prefix is added to and modifies a root word. In this case wise is the root word.

What does suffix wise mean?

The suffix –wise is a versatile one. Apart from some fixed expressions where it means ‘in the direction of‘, e.g. lengthwise, clockwise, anti-clockwise and useful function words such as likewise and otherwise, the suffix -wise can be added to a large number of words in the sense of ‘referring to’ or ‘speaking of’.

What is suffix word of wise?

-wise is a suffix that is attached to a noun with a hyphen to form an adjective or adverb that means with respect to or concerning, in the manner of or in the direction of.

Is worth two in the bush meaning?

Definition of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

—used to say that it is better to hold onto something one has than to risk losing it by trying to get something better.

What does again and again?

: at frequent intervals : often, repeatedly.

What is the meaning of a stitch in time save nine?

The phrase basically means it’s better to solve a problem right away, to stop it becoming a much bigger one. It’s first recorded in a book way back in 1723 and it’s a sewing reference.

What does wise enough mean?

adj. 1 possessing, showing, or prompted by wisdom or discernment. 2 prudent; sensible.

What does it mean when beggars can’t be choosers?

Definition of beggars can’t be choosers

—used to say that people who need something should be satisfied with what they get even if it is not exactly what they wanted.

What are some wise words?

19 Wise Quotes for a Better Life

  • Be confident in yourself. “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” — …
  • Always be looking forward. “You can never plan the future by the past.” — …
  • Live a life of purpose. …
  • Be brave. …
  • Use your time wisely. …
  • Value yourself for who you are. …
  • Hone your skills. …
  • Keep your head up.

Is wisely a correct word?

in a way that shows good sense or judgment; prudently: In taking good care of our health, we have to be well-informed and wisely cautious.

What is the words of the wiser?

Words of the Wiser is the scene in which a wiser character offers the main character advice that is helpful at this moment in the story but could also be helpful throughout life.

What words end with wise?

8-letter words that end in wise

  • likewise.
  • stepwise.
  • edgewise.
  • sidewise.
  • crabwise.
  • longwise.
  • flatwise.
  • weftwise.

What is the opposite wise?

Opposite of wise – foolish.

What is the prefix for not wise?

We get unwisely from the prefix un-, “not,” and the Old English source of wise, wis, “sagacious or prudent.”

What is the noun for wise?

wise is an adjective, wisdom is a noun, wisely is an adverb:She is a wise shopper. She has a lot of wisdom for her age.

What is the meaning of something wise?

1. having or showing good judgment; sagacious; prudent. 2. prompted by wisdom; judicious; sound. a wise saying, wise action.

Is health wise one word?

With regard to health.

What is the meaning of the proverb It never rains but pours?

Today’s Phrase

When someone says it never rains but it pours, they mean problems don’t just happen occasionally – they happen all at the same time. Examples: We had nothing to do for weeks, then suddenly we have all this work to do: it never rains but it pours!

Can’t hold a candle to mean?

If someone or something is just not as good enough when compared to another, it is said that it can’t hold a candle to the far superior, much better version…

When it rains it pours idiom meaning?

Definition of when it rains, it pours

—used to say that when something bad happens other bad things usually happen at the same time The team not only lost the game but three of its best players were injured. When it rains, it pours.

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