+40 Inspiring Easter Quotes & Sayings for the 2020

Easter Quotes
Easter Quotes

Would you like to send a nice Easter quotes or card to your loved ones? If words don’t come rushing to you when you’re writing Happy Easter Quotes , here are some ideas you can use as inspiration as you wish.

In 2020, the feast of Easter is set for April 12 for the Churches of the West. This feast is both a religious celebration and a feast of spring and renewal. On this occasion, it is traditional to gather as a family around a good meal and to organize an egg hunt for the children.

It is also a time when you send nice cards to your loved ones to wish them a Happy Easter . We have some sample texts for your Easter quote & greetings.

Best Happy Easter greetings and Text messages

  • Celebrate Jesus and be blessed this Easter.
  • May you be blessed beyond measure May peace fill your soul this Easter and always.
    Have wonderful Easter Day.
  • Celebrate and make merry for the Lord has risen.
    Happy Easter to you and those around you.
  • May you feel the presence of the Lord near you and may all your prayers be answered not only on Easter but always.
    Happy Easter.
  • Sending you ‘eggstra’ love today and always.
  • Happy Easter Bunny Greeting
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
  • Thinking of you and wishing you all the nicest things this season.
  • May the miracle of Easter bring you perfect peace.
  • May the Lord lift up your heart and bless you at Easter and always.
  • Easter is a reminder of God’s promise of new life.
  • Happy Easter eCards
    Rejoice, be glad, shout Hallelujah!
    The lamb of God is risen from grave.
    Happy Easter!
  • Let this Easter be a joyous one. Let us prepare ourselves, to be worthy of the risen Christ.
  • May Jesus bless you immensely on this auspicious occasion.
    May you have a pleasant Easter.
  • May the morning of Easter
    Bring you beauty of spring colours,
    A large basket of eggs
    And a plenty of joy!

The religious significance of Easter

Easter is a day of rejoicing for Christians as it commemorates the resurrection of Christ. The word “Passover” comes from “Pesach”, the word for the Jewish Passover that celebrates the coming of the Israelites out of Egypt. Indeed, the passion of Christ took place during the feasts of Passover, which Jesus celebrated as a Jew. Certain symbols are common to both festivals, such as the paschal lamb, unleavened bread and the egg.

Traditionally, this period is favourable for baptisms. The Church also considers that Christians should take communion at least once a year, at Easter time. Hence the expression “to make one’s Easter”, which means to confess and take communion during the Easter period.

Easter traditions

The egg, symbol of life :

Long before the Christian era, the egg was already full of meaning and the custom of offering eggs to each other in the spring therefore predates Easter. The egg symbolises the promise of life and has therefore always been considered a good omen. When the egg was associated with the feast of Easter, the connection between the promise of life represented by the egg and the resurrection of Christ was obvious. Moreover, the beautiful shape of the egg makes it a symbol of perfection.

Hares and Easter bells

Nowadays, it is easier to offer a chocolate egg than a decorated egg, to the delight of children and gourmets alike.
Chocolate sweets can also take the form of bells and rabbits. Legend has it that on Easter Sunday the church bells, which have remained silent since Maundy Thursday, return from their pilgrimage to Rome and pour chocolate sweets onto the gardens. It is also said, in Germany and Alsace, that it is the hares that bring these sweets and hide them in the garden. The children make pretty nests filled with moss which they set up in the garden on Easter Eve to encourage the Easter hares to fill them with eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

If you have children around you, prepare an egg hunt for them in your garden or apartment. You will have taken care to hide the sweets on Easter eve, so that you can give them a small basket when they jump out of bed. For a successful egg hunt, consider multiplying the number of small-sized treats to make the search more interesting and longer. And for once, allow the children to eat chocolate for breakfast, they will be delighted!

Easter table

The Easter meal usually brings the family together for an exceptional meal. For the decoration of the table, a springtime atmosphere is easy to achieve with natural materials: young branches, first flowers, moss … Easter symbols can be added, with empty and painted hen eggs, candles in the shape of a hen or a bell, small nests of branches filled with sugar eggs.
For your dessert, we suggest you opt for a light and delicious cake that the Orthodox prepare for Easter, called Paskha, and whose recipe is as follows.

Easter Lamb

The traditional Easter meal always features lamb, which is usually eaten as a superb leg of lamb with white beans.
The leg of lamb can be cooked in various ways: in a salt crust, roasted in a thyme or rosemary juice… You will discover our recipes in the article on the choice and cooking of lamb. It is not by chance that lamb is the meat par excellence of the Easter menu, because lamb, by its innocence and obedience, reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice. Moreover, it is at this season that lamb is available and tasty. The end of the end being the salt meadow lamb, with its inimitable flavour.

Christian feasts

The Christian calendar is punctuated by religious and festive celebrations, the dates of which are listed below.

  • 06/01/2020 – Epiphany, Day of the Kings
  • 02/02/2020 – Candlemas 2020
  • 25/02/2020 – Mardi Gras 2020
  • 26/02/2020 – Ash Wednesday
  • 26/02/2020 to 09/04/2020 – Lent 2020
  • 25/03/2020 – The Annunciation 2020
  • 05/04/2020 – Palm Sunday 2020
  • 09/04/2020 – Maundy Thursday
  • 10/04/2020 – Good Friday
  • 12/04/2020 – Easter 2020
  • 13/04/2020 – Easter Monday 2020
  • 21/05/2020 – The Ascension 2020
  • 31/05/2020 – Pentecost 2020
  • 24/06/2020 – Saint John the Baptist 2020
  • 15/08/2020 – L’Assomption 2020
  • 12/10/2020 – Thanksgiving 2020
  • 01/11/2020 – All Saints’ Day 2020
  • 02/11/2020 – The Day of the Dead 2020
  • 29/11/2020 – The 1st Sunday of Advent 2020
  • 06/12/2020 – Saint Nicholas’ Day 2020
  • 25/12/2020 – Christmas, the nativity of Christ 2020

Best Easter Quotes and wiches en images

The wiches and quotations that we propose can be used as messages to wish you a Happy Easter. You can for example send one of our beautiful sentences to wish Happy Easter quotes by SMS

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