30+ Funny Birthday Quotes & Wiches for Everyone in Your Life

Funny Birthday Quotes
Funny Birthday Quotes

Birthday is the most beautiful day of human life. Most of the people love to celebrate this special day of life. Funny birthday quotes make us happy and bring a smile to the face.

They love to make lots of fun, laughter and joy. This is the day which makes you feel free from the tensions and you feel like the king of the day. On birthday, although you come near to the old age but it is good to have a birthday celebration to keep yourself healthy and active. Enjoy this day with your relatives, your friends and family.

This is a big day to have a great get together. Nowadays, the people of the world are so much busy in their life that they have no time to give to others.

So, birthday is the best day to enjoy with them and encourage them to get out of the worries of the world. Funny birthday quotes and Wiches are best to make your bestie day the beauty of all.

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30+ Best Funny Birthday Quotes & Messages

  • “Thank you for always being older than my age. I love it. Happy Birthday!”
  • “I thought we will blow the candles on the same day but you ran away. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Forget your older age, live a beautiful older life. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Age is not a matter of smile. Let’s become sad together. Happy Birthday!”
  • “The candles will cost more than a cake when you cross 40. Happy Birthday. Cheers!”
  • “Hey! Happy to you my spicy older friend.”
  • “I know the secret behind your young look. You lie about your age. Happy Birthday!”

Best Funny Birhtday wiches and images to Make Their Day Special

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