Funny Senior Quotes Of 2020 That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Funny Senior Quotes
Funny Senior Quotes

The books of life are filled with senior quotes and this is the best part of life. Most of the student love to write the most epic quote and get a name as well as the fame of the world.

Senior quotes are the perfect way to enjoy the best part of life and health. Most of the people love to learn from their seniors and the seniors always used to help their loved ones as well as inspire them with beautiful quotes of all time. Few of the funny senior quotes are there to make people feel alive and active all day.

The funniest Senior Quotes | Funny Yearbook Quotes

  • β€œI hate plants and this is the reason I am vegetarian.”
  • β€œThe boyfriends of lots of girls will like me this year.”
  • β€œI just graduated because I love cheating.”
  • β€œIf you stole my girl, I will steal your heart.”
  • β€œIf you love water, you already love me 100%.”
  • β€œI will raise the roof whether it will not be my son.”
  • β€œTeeth are always the answer to good things.”
  • β€œI am a legend because I trusted your bad feeling.” β€œTry to become friend with the one who loves to share his things with you.”
  • ” of cours i dress well i didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing” -maxwell barrett-
  • ” after four years of being in this prison i still don’t know how to pay my bills but thank god i know how to solve for x ” -abdiel vargas-
  • ”greg just stole my girl -everyone .” -gregory schwartz-
  • ” hannah montana said nobod’y perfect but here i am ” -alexander gouon-
  • ” High School Was Easy. It Was Like Riding A Bike. Except The Bike Was On Fire & The Ground Was On Fire & Everything Was On Fire Because It Was Hell ” -chung randey-
  • ” I Got A Haircut And No One Noticed ” -ghufran salhi-
  • ” I Got Kicked Out Of Hogwarts For Using Black Magic ” –damenian sparks-
  • ” i got to experience hell for four years before i even died ” -sydney raybould-
  • ”I haven’t even begun to peak” -Dennis Reynolds-
  • ” I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Women, I Don’t Like Coffee ” -max crankshaw-
  • ” i used to be jealous of harry potter for being able to telk to snakes but it turns out i’ve been doing it for years ” -meghan sauchelli-
  • ” I Went Through Four Years Of High School Without Having Bad Hair Day ” -julianna massa-
  • ” if you like wter you already like 72% of me ” -alexandra vu-
  • ” I’m That Nigerian Prince That Keeps Emailing You ” -segun akigbogun-
  • ” It’s Hard Being A Single Mother, Especially When You Have No Children And Are A Teenage Male ” -zachary chastain-
  • ” life is like a rollercoaster just when you think you’re on top you go flying back down and someone pukes on you “ -jenna mourey-
  • ” Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’m Black ” -nick jenkis-
  • ” The Happier We Get, The Less We See #Asian #Life “
  • ” use code james for 100% off your purchase at checkout “-james charles dickinson-
  • ” you’re an asian not a b-sian ” -uincent arciage-

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